As a true lover of traditional and healthy cuisine, a meat grinder cannot be missing from my kitchen. With this fantastic utensil I make meat for my stir-fries, meatballs, meat pies, pie filling, sausages, steak tartares and hamburgers.

I like to mince meat at home adding to the mixture the type of meat that I most want and in the quantity that interests me. I almost always add some of my favorite ingredients like garlic, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, mushrooms, wine, etc. to give another flavor to my recipes and give a touch of originality to each preparation. And you know what? That everything tastes much better if I prepare it at home!

I normally use the Kitchen Kraft Manual Meat Grinder . It is ideal for preparing minced meat, hamburgers or sausages. It is made of cast iron. It is very easy to fix with great security to a surface, and very comfortable to work with. Includes three different sized chopping discs and a sausage maker accessory . It is very easy to prepare them, even if you want your children to help you cook, it is a fun proposal for them to help you in the kitchen. You will see how they will like being your pinches!

Photo: Kitchen Kraft Manual Meat Grinder

Sometimes I have to chop large amounts of meat. That's why I keep the Moulinex meat grinder in a privileged place in my closet.

This chopper has a high-performance motor that helps me chop very quickly. Its use is very simple and transporting it costs nothing. I trust this brand a lot, because it always offers me very satisfactory results. When I have time, I chop up fairly large batches and then freeze the meat in portions. When I feel like stir frying spaghetti or filling empanadas, I already have my portions on hand in the freezer. Sounds like a super handy trick to me!

Photo: Moulinex meat grinder

Another idea to take advantage of the mincer is to prepare another dish: when I have leftover food or part of a preparation: I grind it and et voilà! I get another totally different dish.

And you buy the meat already minced? Do you have any star recipe? Any tricks I should know?

You know that I love sharing my experience but also learning from you! :)

Jordi Manero

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