Miriam is the author of the blog The Winter Guest . This cooking enthusiast stands out for the variety of her recipes and the genius of her photographs. Miriam's menu is a mixture of flavors and cultures that achieves an original and surprising combination.

The appetizer that he presents to us combines French genius with a Spanish touch: Manchego cheese Gougeres. He confesses that he loves salty appetizers and that Manchego cheese is a culinary treasure that we cannot miss out on. If we also serve them accompanied by a cold beer or a fine wine, our guests will be speechless.

As a starter, something light as well as tasty: pickled boletus. A good solution to not overwhelm your guests with the first course. They have another advantage: they can be prepared in advance because they have a long shelf life.

As a main dish, Miriam opts for a mixture of sweet and savory: baked chicken stuffed with figs and marzipan. A recipe of Jewish origin that is easy to prepare and that at the same time contains two typical Christmas sweets.

And for dessert… quince sorbet. This autumn fruit contains a large amount of pectin, which contributes to a very smooth and creamy sorbet with a truly amazing taste. In our country, eating ice cream outside of the summer season is unusual, so this dessert is a very original option.

Míriam advises accompanying the dishes with sourdough crackers. I think it's a great idea since during the Christmas holidays there is little time to prepare copious recipes such as homemade bread. These crackers can be made with time, because being crunchy and dry they do not lose any properties and they keep wonderfully.

I think this menu is very complete. It offers a large number of dishes with the advantage that most of them are quite light. So our guests can enjoy a varied and tasty meal.

Thank you very much Miriam for your contribution. If you want to know more about this wonderful blogger and see her recipes, you can visit her blog.

Jordi Manero
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Sebastian said:

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Miriam García said:

Un placer colaborar con vosotros, guapos!

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