For those of you who don't know Jimena, she is the author of the Agoisfoto blog. Jimena is a specialist in production, styling and photographic production of gastronomy products and a fan of good cooking. She offers us a typical menu from her country of origin: Peru. It offers a wide variety of dishes made with typical Peruvian products, but don't worry! can be easily found here.

He discovers the Tequeños for us as a starter. They are prepared with wantan dough stuffed with cheese and accompanied with guacamole or huancaína sauce; which is made from yellow pepper and fresh cheese. I think it is a different starter that is not very complicated and can add a touch to our menu.

As a main dish, he proposes the classic Christmas turkey. In Peru, the most traditional meat in the Christmas meal is turkey. But other typical meats are also served, such as glazed ham, made with cloves, honey with mustard and Coca-Cola. He says it's delicious, and it's the dish he loves most at Christmas. I think it is a curious way of serving the ham that can give game.

To finish, a Christmas cake made with spices such as nutmeg, ginger, cloves and traditional candied fruits. A classic that cannot be missing from any table.

I encourage you to visit his blog and prepare a dish from the menu. I'd love to try the glazed ham. What about you? Are you curious to try any of their dishes this Christmas Eve?

Claudia Ferrer

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